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È per noi un vero invitarvi al SudEst Wine Fest, che si svolgerà dal 21 al 23 ottobre a Siracusa.

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Sudest Wine Fest
Festival della cucina italiana
Programma degli eventi

Giuseppe Paternò Castello di San Giuliano
Giuseppe Paternò Castello di San Giuliano
«The pride of being able to leave to those who follow us more than what was left behind by those who came before us. The knowledge that nature allows us to live and everything is forgiven to nature. The joy of seeing that a seed planted in good soil can yield choice fruits and an abundant harvest»
Peter Vinding-Diers
«Sicily is where I rightly belong. Here I got myself a piece of land at the foot of an ancient volcano and am busy planting a tiny vineyard and building my own hermitage as I now plan to retire from the world... with a few good bottles and books... and my wife, naturally.»
Peter Vinding-Diers
Antonio Mandolfo
Antonio Mandolfo
«I cannot do without fresh air, waking at dawn, summer heat and winter rain. Living this way makes me fully aware of the time and effort I need to create in harmony with the forces of nature, whose regular rhythms renew the magic of life...»
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