San Giuliano

the Feudal Estate


È per noi un vero invitarvi al SudEst Wine Fest, che si svolgerà dal 21 al 23 ottobre a Siracusa.

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San Giuliano Sightseeing the Garden Photo Gallery Press review
The 120 acres near the vilage of Vilasmundo, a village half-way between Catania and Syracuse, contain much of the history of an acnient local noble family, and indications of a Sicilian territory that still shows signs of ancient civilizations, such as a bronze age necropolis and remains from the Greek era. The garden is next to a late 15th century fortified farmhouse, and has been built on the area that used to be occupied by the immense farmyard where the wheat was thrashed, and the olives for oil where grapes and olives were collected before the conversion to exclusive citrus-fruit production. In the 1990s Oliva di Collobiano was asked to help create the so-called Giardinetto, also with the intention of reorganizing the small cemetery of the estate. It is articulated in four different spaces limited by dry stone walls. The four compositions, that consitute a fruit garden and use the so called “saie”, small traditional irrigation canals of arab origin, includo an Arab garden with water basins and water lilies; a tropical garden with palms and large cacti and finally an herb garden that is covered with a vaporous vegetation of helichrysum, lavender, thyme, sage, rock-rose, myrtle, and other plants that give off perfume. It is jusdged to be at the apex of its’ interest betwen May and June for flowering. But the most fascinating perios for the Giardinetto garden is September-October, when it offers a harmpnious and articulated example of contemporary garden in Sicily.
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