San Giuliano

the Feudal Estate


È per noi un vero invitarvi al SudEst Wine Fest, che si svolgerà dal 21 al 23 ottobre a Siracusa.

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"Steeped in Noble Traditions"
The Paternò Castello di San Giuliano are one of the oldest families in Sicily. Their properties consist of 600 acres, between Catania and Syracuse, and are made up of two estates. The smallest is near the village of Villasmundo, and is the heart of the ancient estate of San Giuliano. This used to consist of over 6000 acres and has been in the family since 1200 AD. The bigger estate is characterized by two deep valleys, dug by the rivers Marcellino and Belluzza across the plateau called Curcuraggi, 1000 feet above sea level, always dry and ventilated, with dry and well-drained calcareous soil, ideal for the cultivation of vines and olive-trees. A great respect for nature and a passion for agriculture have inspired Giuseppe Paternò di Castello in his work. togehter with the unforgettable Fiamma Ferragamo, the soul of the Salvatore Ferragamo group, have brought the San Giuliano estate back to its’ former splendor. The current management is in the hands of Agronomist Antonio Mandolfo, the third generation of his family to be involved with the properties of the Marchesi di San Giuliano.

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