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È per noi un vero invitarvi al SudEst Wine Fest, che si svolgerà dal 21 al 23 ottobre a Siracusa.

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Sudest Wine Fest
Festival della cucina italiana
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The Olive Grove Olive Oil
"Agriculture According to Tradition"
Agriculture According to Tradition The olive grove reaches across 40 acres on the Curcuraggi plateau, the last part of the Hyblean Mountains that faces east, overlooking the sea of Augusta and the ancient archeological site of Megara Hybla. It is always swept by the wind and cool, even during the sumer period. It consists of approximately 24 acres which are 50 years old, and the rest 25 years old, cultivated mainly with the indigenous variety Nocellara dell’Etna, mixed with San Benedetto and other local varieties like Marmorigna, Biancolilla and Siracusa. The trees are cultivated in the shape of an open vase with the branches falling towards the exterior. Pruning is carried out every three years and the soil management consists of grassing which is cut back two or three times a year.

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